A blue and white bag of Rainbow Heavies with Gnarberry, Blueberry Blaster, and Mother Pucker Peach tubes beside it.

Rainbow Heavies

40% THC
0% CBD

You know the old saying: “Something Gnar, something Blue, something… Peach?” Introducing SHRED X Rainbow Heavies! The best way to try out a few of our absurdly potent diamond, disty & terp-infused pre-rolls.

3 x 0.5g joints at the eye-popping 40%+ THC level. 1 x Blueberry Blaster. 1 x Mother Pucker Peach & 1 x Gnarberry. Each in their own colour-coded doob tube so you know what’s what. Cancel your plans and sample the rainbow… but remember: our SHRED X Heavies are not for lightweights!


A pink pouch with the Shred X Guava Lime Go-Time Quantum vape beside it.
It’s GO-TIME. Discover THCV in the new Quantum Vape™ 0.95g 510 cart. Guava Lime Go-Time has a 5:3 THC:THCV ratio and delivers flavourful, deep vape hits, bursting with 80-86% total cannabinoids!
80-86% THC
A peach tube of Shred-X Guava Lime Go-Time Heavies.
Mother Pucker Peach – SHRED X Heavies! An outrageous peach-heavy blend infused with diamonds, disty & terps. 3 x 0.5g pre-rolls. 40%+ THC.
40% THC
A blue and white bag of Rainbow Heavies with three joints beside it.
A variety pack of our diamond, disty & terp-infused pre-rolls (3 x 0.5g). Blueberry Blaster, Gnarberry and Mother Pucker Peach. 40%+ THC.
40% THC
A salmon pink tube of Shred-X Guava Lime Go-Time Heavies.
SHRED X Guava Lime Go-Time Heavies boast 30% THC + 10% THCV. 3 x 0.5g diamonds, disty & terp infused pre-rolls. Not for lightweights!
30% THC
A peach bag of Shred X Mother Pucker Peach Rip-Strip Hash.
SHRED X Rip-Strip Hash now in the aptly-named Mother Pucker Peach! 2g of easy-to-use hash, cut into 10 ready-to-roll strips. 35-40% THC.
35-40% THC