A bag of Shred Rainbow Ounce with four piles of pre-milled flower.

Rainbow OZ Pre-Milled Flower

20% + THC
0% CBD

All Your Favourite SHRED Blends, in one Rainbow OZ! Say hello to SHRED’s Rainbow Oz. — the raddest way to stock up on ALL our pre-milled blends: Tropic Thunder, Gnarberry, Funk Master & Dessert Storm. Inside this big ol’ pouch, you’ll find 4 colorful 7g packs of our best-selling blends, each boasting over 20% THC. 

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A green bag of Shred Supersonic Citrus THCV.
The first SHRED blend featuring a minor cannabinoid – Supersonic Citrus THCV. Pre-milled SUPER SATIVA flower, featuring 15% THC + 5% THCV.
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15% + THC
A purple bag of Shred All Dressed pre-milled flower.
SHRED’s All Dressed combines Gnarberry, Tropic Thunder and Funk Master – in one blend. 7 g, 20%+ THC.
20% + THC
0% CBD