Extracts, but make them shred! rip-strip hash kief-infused blends
and more to come!


A peach bag of Shred X Mother Pucker Peach Rip-Strip Hash.
SHRED X Rip-Strip Hash now in the aptly-named Mother Pucker Peach! 2g of easy-to-use hash, cut into 10 ready-to-roll strips. 35-40% THC.
35-40% THC
A yellow tube of Shred-X Tropic Thunder Heavies.
Tropic Thunder just got louder! 3 x 0.5g pre-rolls in one doob tube, infused with disty & diamonds for 43%+ THC.
40% THC
A pink tube of Shred-X Gnarberry Heavies.
Gnarberry, but gnarlier. The famous berry blend, rolled up thrice at half a gram each, and infused with disty & diamonds for 40%+ THC.
40% THC
A blue tube of Shred-X Blueberry Blaster Heavies.
These infused pre-rolls holster the power of disty and diamonds, and deliver smooth blueberry and Kush notes. 3 x 0.5 g pre-rolls at 43%+ THC.
43% THC