A green bag of Shred Supersonic Citrus THCV.

Supersonic Citrus THCV

15% + THC

Attention all SHRED HEADS! Say hello to Supersonic Citrus THCV, SHRED's ground-breaking new blend with a SUPER SATIVA twist! (Barely) contained in a vibrant green pouch, this pre-milled sensation guarantees maximum aroma and taste.

But here's the kicker – it's the FIRST SHRED blend to feature the minor cannabinoid THCV!

SHRED’s THCV is derived from a new flower called ‘Get S**t Done’ (that’s right) and is broad spectrum, for a radder experience. Take your sesh to the next level, and harness the high-voltage, citrusy goodness that is Supersonic Citrus THCV!

(And hey! Want to know more about THCV? Check out our THCV FAQ.)




A green bag of Shred Supersonic Citrus THCV.
The first SHRED blend featuring a minor cannabinoid – Supersonic Citrus THCV. Pre-milled SUPER SATIVA flower, featuring 15% THC + 5% THCV.
Get S**t Done
15% + THC
A purple bag of Shred All Dressed pre-milled flower.
SHRED’s All Dressed combines Gnarberry, Tropic Thunder and Funk Master – in one blend. 7 g, 20%+ THC.
20% + THC
0% CBD