A yellow box of Shred Tropic Thunder Dartz.

Tropic Thunder Dartz

20% + THC
0% CBD

​​​​​​Gone are the days of the cone (not literally, but like, for these Dartz…). Our Tropic Thunder Dartz take our fan-favourite aromatic blend, which is known for massive citrus and tropical aromas, and loads it into 10 x 0.4 g straight tube-style pre-rolls made from 100% natural hemp paper. These easy-burning pre-rolls come in a handy cardboard carrying case to help keep your affairs in order. THC right where you want it at 20%+.


10 x 0.4 g straight tube rolls




A green bag of Shred Supersonic Citrus THCV.
The first SHRED blend featuring a minor cannabinoid – Supersonic Citrus THCV. Pre-milled SUPER SATIVA flower, featuring 15% THC + 5% THCV.
Get S**t Done
15% + THC
A purple bag of Shred All Dressed pre-milled flower.
SHRED’s All Dressed combines Gnarberry, Tropic Thunder and Funk Master – in one blend. 7 g, 20%+ THC.
20% + THC
0% CBD